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50' Wort Chiller with 1/2" tubing and garden hose fittings

50' Wort Chiller with 1/2" tubing and garden hose fittings

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50 foot wort chiller with 1/2 inch copper. This chiller also comes supplied with garden hose fittings. One male one female.

Approximately 10" diameter, 22" tall (top of the hose fittings)
3 Stars
Wort chiller
Chills fast. But, one connection was bad and had to be replaced. The other was loose. No big deal. The main issue. I use it for a keggle. I would like to see you make one that will be tall enough that the connections are outside of the container. I bent mine out myself. Love your products and service!
Reviewed by:  on 3/12/2016
1 Stars
Unusable for me. Cannot get it to not leak.
Reviewed by:  on 9/21/2015
2 Stars
Connections leak badly
Attempted to use the chiller and tested the connections before using on my last brew and both inlet and outlet connections leaked badly. Disassembled and re taped and got output to not leak but was unable to prevent inlet from having small leak. Ended up removing compression fittings and replacing with vinyl tubing connections and moved the hose connections outside of the brew kettle. Also note the connections are in your brew kettle not on the outside like other chillers
Reviewed by:  on 8/1/2015
4 Stars
This thing cools fast!
I bought this here because it was only $10 more than making it myself. Which is cool if you've ever hand bent 1/2" copper tubing. It cooled 10 gallons of wort in 25 minutes with 65 degree water. I wasn't agitating very much either. The only bummer was one of the compression fittings leaked. I had to cut the old compression collar off because it had been over tightened when it was put together. After truing up the copper and putting on a new collar, there were no more leaks.
Reviewed by:  on 2/7/2015
2 Stars
Leaky Chiller
The chiller fittings were poorly taped with Teflon tape and leaked badly. I had to disable the fittings and re-tape. The chiller did a good job in chilling the wort but more care could have been put into taping the fittings.
Reviewed by:  on 12/17/2014
5 Stars
Great chiller
I have been using this chiller for a few months now. I upgraded from a 3/8"X25' immersion chiller. I chilled 11 gallons from boil to 75* in 14 minutes today even with water at 65*. You do have to constantly stir for the temp to drop rapidly though.
Reviewed by:  on 10/13/2014
5 Stars
Chills fast!
Finally I got to use this over the weekend while brewing a Black Butte Porter clone. It made my wort go from piping hot to yeast-friendly warm. Definitely would recommend this to a friend.
Reviewed by:  on 8/18/2014

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