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500 Liter Marchisio Variable Capacity Tank (132 Gallon)
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500 Liter Marchisio Variable Capacity Tank (132 Gallon)

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Item Number: 19-VWF500
Availability: Ships from vendor August 2021

500 Liter Variable Capacity Stainless Steel Wine Fermenter Tank

These high capacity tanks are stamped out of high quality stainless steel and feature a smooth, polished mirror finish on the interior for optimal cleanliness and a gorgeous marbled texture on the outside for an impressive look. 

The tanks include an air lock, a ball valve, a 100% adjustable lid which is sealed with a inflatable tube, and a hand pump/gauge. 

Key Features:
All 18/10 AISI 304 Stainless Steel.
Exterior has a textured finish
Floating pneumatic lid with airlock, hand air pump/gauge, and inflatable seal
Floating lid makes adjusting capacity easy to provide minimum head space
Ideal for fermenting and aging red or white wine.
Flat bottom tank with 3/4” BSPP ball valve fitting at bottom

Capacity (gal): 132
Capacity (L): 500
Tank Diameter (in): 31
Tank Height (in): 43
Side Thickness (mm): 0.7
Bottom Thickness (mm): 1

*This item Drop Ships from vendor, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

500 L Variable Capacity Tank includes:
-Stainless Steel Floating Lid
-BSPP 3/4" Ball Valve
-Air Pump
-Food-Grade Air Tube
-Plastic Tubing & Tubing Clamps
-Dry Airlock

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