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500 g Fermentis SafSpirit™ FD-3 Yeast

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SafSpirit™ FD-3 Fruit Yeast was specially selected for its fructose loving character as well as its viability in high alcohol to allow micro distillers to produce alcohol from plums, cherries, pears etc.  

* Rehydrate the yeast in 10 times the dosage volume of water or wort.
* Allow 15 minutes to rest
* Stir gently
* Pitch in the fermentor 
* Temperature spectrum: 15 – 32C.(59-90F)
* Safspirit FD-3 is certified Gluten free and Non GMO

Recommended dosage

30-50 g/100 liters

The SafSpirit FD-3 spec sheet is available for download here

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