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55 gallon 240V Electric BoilerMaker™ G2 Brew Pot by Blichmann Engineering™
55 gallon 240V Electric BoilerMaker™ G2 Brew Pot by Blichmann Engineering™

55 gallon 240V Electric BoilerMaker™ G2 Brew Pot by Blichmann Engineering™

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55 Gallon 240 Electric BoilerMaker™G2

The BoilerMakerTM G2 brew pots have been completely redesigned from the ground up with world-class American engineering and quality US manufacturing!* Bicamann Engineering has made a massive investment in tooling to build the best pot on the planet right here at home. Using only the best material and a no-sacrifice design, the BoilerMaker™ line of brew pots is ideal for homebrewing – sacrificing neither features nor quality and available in perfect sizes. Bare bones pots might lure you with attractive prices. But by the time you add extra equipment you need or want – all standard in the BoilerMaker™ – you’ll find our brew pots are the best value and will be handed down for generations to come! Also available in Celsius / Liter models. All models carry a limited lifetime warranty.

*30 gal pots and larger are imported, but fully assembled with US labor and additional US components.

The 55 gallon 240V Electric BoilerMaker G2 is a no compromise premium brew pot packed with standard features like a patent pending linear flow drain valve that can be oriented in any direction and disassembles in seconds for cleaning. From the sleek easy to clean surface finish, to the cool touch custom molded grips, durable easy to read level gauge, snap-in drain tube, the informative BrewMometer and broad suite of accessories like our patented Button Louver false bottom, patented HopBlocker and AutoSparge(not compatible with Electric model), this pot defines awesomeness. The BoilerMaker G2 is clearly in a class of its own. Imported pot, assembled in USA with additional USA components. Lifetime limited warranty.

The BoilCoil™ requires the use of a power control device capable of de-energizing the heater coil to safely operate. The 55 Gallon Version does come with a second coil. The second coil will require a second power controller. 

Note - the BoilCoil™ is suitable for heating strike water in your mash tun but is NOT suitable for step mashing.  The grain impedes convective flow of the wort and scorching will result.  However, the RIMS-Rocket™ is a great choice for step mashing since the grain is never in direct contact with your wort.

This item is dropped shipped from our wholesaler.  Please allow extra time for delivery.

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