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  5. 6" Stainless Steel Kettle Screen W/1/2" NPT fitting
6' Stainless Steel Kettle Screen W/1/2' NPT fitting

6" Stainless Steel Kettle Screen W/1/2" NPT fitting

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All stainless mashing/boiling kettle screen!!

6" in length, 1" in diameter

1/2" Stainless NPT threads

304 Stainless 16 mesh screen

"The pot is beautiful and has been working wonderfully for my full boils! The sanitary welds are top notch! The bazooka screen has been working great for keeping all the hot and cold break and hop particles out of my fermenter. I’m slowly upgrading my system to all grain, and I’m seeing a kegerator in my future, and I will definitely be doing all my future ordering with AIH. The service is super fast and I love to browse the web site. Thanks AIH!" - Andrew R.

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