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8 Gallon Big Demon Conical Fermenter - Amber
8 Gallon Big Demon Conical Fermenter - Amber

8 Gallon Big Demon Conical Fermenter - Amber

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8 Gallon Big Demon Conical Fermenter - Amber

Made of heat resistant, food grade plastic that is Phthalate and BPA free this conical fermenter is ideal for brewing 5 or 6 gallon batches of homebrewed beer, hard cider, mead or wine. The Big Demon Fermenter is a conical fermenter with an included spigot that makes transferring easy without pulling through all the messy trub (inactive yeast & other unwelcome items). The conical shape keeps the unwanted material trapped on the bottom, allowing the spigot to transfer clear product. The sturdy food grade plastic is colored amber to protect your batch from harmful UV rays that can create unwanted off-flavors. The sturdy base supports the 8 gallon fermenter on 13" legs, allowing easy access underneath your fermenter and the wide mouth and smooth interior make cleaning it quick and easy. The lid is drilled to accommodate the included stopper and airlock and features a gasket to ensure a tight fit.  The Big Demon sits 28" high and measures 13.5" across and makes an awesome addition to any homebrew set-up!

The Big Demon Includes:
- 8 Gallon Fermenter with Lid and Base (includes 13" legs)
- Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly, Venting Plug, & Dump Cap
- 3-Piece Airlock, #3 Drilled Rubber Stopper, and #3 Solid Rubber Stopper
- Stick-on Temperature Strip
- Silicone Lid Gasket

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