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8 Gallon Brewer's Best 2 Weld Volume Marked Tri-Clad Brew Pot

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Feature: pot, 8 gallon, 8 gal
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8 Gallon Brewer's Best 2 Weld Volume Marked Brew Pot

An induction ready 8 gallon brew pot that is perfect for any brewing set up!

This brew pot features 2 welded couplers and interior volume markings from 1 to 7 gallons. The bottom of the brew pot is a sturdy tri-clad design, ensuring heat is evenly dispersed and preventing your wort from scorching. The tri-clad bottom also makes the pot induction ready, allowing you to utilize the safer, more efficient induction heating method. The 2 welds measure 1.5" from the bottom and 6" from the bottom, respectively, and make perfect housing for brewing accessories such as ball valves on the bottom coupler or a thermometer on the top coupler. If not using anything in your couplers, we recommend a kettle plug to ensure your beer stays in your kettle instead of on the floor. Be sure to check out the options above to add these to your kettle!

- 8 Gallon Capacity
- ~12" Diameter
- ~17" Height
- 4mm Bottom Thickness
- 1mm Wall Thickness

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