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To put it plainly, we are homebrewers. Back in 1999, Jason and I (Jon) started Adventures in Homebrewing in my basement. We only had the love of homebrewing and a credit card with a $5,000 limit. We were both still pretty new at the hobby, but very excited about all the possibilities brewing offered. The idea to open a homebrew shop came from our growing experience and love of brewing. We opened the shop in Dearborn, MI in 1999 in a small 300 square foot retail space on Ford Road.

To help get our business off the ground, we worked hard to bring n new products and develop new beer recipes to share with the homebrew community. Here is our very first advertisement that ran on the local cable stations. The ad got mixed reviews...but I think it is a classic.

As our business grew, we knew we needed to grow as a company. We moved from our little store in Dearborn to Taylor, MI

Just a few short years after we opened, Tyler joined the brew shop and helped our store and community grow.

We now are the leaders in Homebrewing, specializing in Beer Making, Kegging and Wine Making.  We are proud to be family owned and operated since 1999.   If you are visiting Southeast Michigan or live in the Detroit area, stop by our Taylor or Ann Arbor store and say hello!