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AIH 8 Gallon Bottling Bucket

AIH 8 Gallon Bottling Bucket

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8 Gallon Lid - Undrilled
Italian Bottling Spigot
AIH 8 Gallon Bottling Bucket 
 with Bottling Spigot and Solid Lid 

Introducing the (New) AIH bucket that doesn't stain or retain Odor's. These buckets are made of a high grade silicone, polyproylen coplymer. Comes with the threaded hole drilled out and a standard bottling spigot installed.
4 Stars
Good, basic bottling bucket
Purchased this after I had tried its sibling "fermenting bucket with grommeted lid" and found it very useful and convenient to my process. I do like the rotating spigot feature that allows me to set it on the counter top and then rotate to a convenient angle when the bottling starts. The handles are sufficiently sturdy when transporting the 6 gallon batches.
Reviewed by:  on 5/8/2017
4 Stars
Great value
This bucket is great provided you go in with your eyes open. First, these are a bit softer than your normal HDPE buckets, not really a problem, but something to be aware of. The integrated threads for a spigot are a nice feature, but will require a bit of extra attention when sanitizing. Also, you will want to ensure the spigot itself is pointed sideways if it isn't hanging over an edge of some sort, or you may well break it with a full bucket. The lids can be tricky, they seem to sit very loosely on the bucket, however a little bit of tapping with a mallet will get them seated very tight, and while they don't have a gasket, once it's fully seated, it does seem to provide a liquid/airtight seal. The lip of the bucket has indents on 2 sides to make it easy to grip the lid for removal later, so a prying tool is not necessary, another plus in my book. While these are meant to be bottling buckets, I ordered several to test, added a grommet hole to one of the lids, and used it to ferment a large beer, and it seems to be performing quite well, plenty of head space at 8 gallons allowed me to skip the blowoff tube and go straight to an airlock with no trouble at all. Over all I would recommend these buckets as an affordable, decent quality solution, just be aware of the caveats.
Reviewed by:  on 4/28/2017
1 Stars
A great product if you don't value your time and money
This bucket cost me almost a year of my time and hundreds in ingredients. I made a very large batch of mead and the tap broke off this bucket as I was filling it. It is so cheaply made that I cannot recommend anyone using this.AIH Tip: Avoid putting the full weight of the bucket on the spigot. Allow the spigot to hang over a counter edge or turn the spigot sideways while filling to avoid the full weight of the product on the spigot.
Reviewed by:  on 4/2/2017
5 Stars
Highest quality
When I ordered these I was expecting the usual 'bucket with a hole drilled in it'. I was happily surprised to find these actually have a reinforced threaded port for the included Italian spigot to thread in to. Additionally, the AIH graphic is not a sticker, it is a screen printed image that will hold up against drips and spills. Add all this to the fact that these buckets hold 8+ gallons of liquid and you will find that these are the best deal buckets around.
Reviewed by:  on 3/1/2016

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