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AIH Homebrew Classes

AIH Homebrew Classes

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Available Homebrewing Classes
Ann Arbor: September 9 2017 - Making Wine from Grapes; & Fruit 1pm
Want to learn how to homebrew? 
Pick up a new hobby? 
Need weekend plans? 
To expand your knowledge? 

Come visit us at Adventures and attend a class!  Did we mention they are informational AND fun!?  Select the location and class you would like to attend.  In the quantity box, let us know how many are in your party.  Click "Add to Cart" and follow the check-out procedure.

You will be e-mailed confirmation for registering.  

What Should I expect?
  • Beginning Homebrew Class: You will be learning about the basics of extract brewing when taking this class. If you are seeking to eliminate the guest work of beginning this hobby here's your chance! We will touch on topics such as proper sanitation, hop schedules, gravity readings, etc. By the end of the class, our goal is for you to be able to go home and brew a successful batch of extract beer on your own. Class begins at 2 pm and should last around 3 hours.  There will be sampling and finger foods!  All you need to bring is yourself, a notepad if you'd like and maybe even a friend!

  • Intro to All-Grain Brewing Class: This class is an intro to All Grain Brewing and isn't just for experienced brewers, beginners can start out All Grain brewing too! We will be diving into all grain topics such as mashing, sparging, conversion, proper sanitation etc. Because it is a long process we will be brewing ahead of time and compile a brew day video to follow along with as the class progresses. After this class, All Grain brewing will be a no brainier for you!  Class begins at 12 pm and should last around 3 hours.  Samples will be provided along with finger foods!  All you need bring is yourself, a notepad if you'd like and maybe even a friend!

  • Taylor Mead Day Class: It is national mead day this day, and we want to teach you about the process of making mead! We will be covering the basic steps of mead making, sanitation, additives, primary and secondary fermentation, transferring & clearing, different kinds of mead etc.  This class is especially cool because you will be taking home homemade mead when class concludes! ;) Super informative class for those who are interested in the mead making process!  Class begins at 12 pm and should last around 3 hours.  There will be sampling and finger foods!  All you need to bring is yourself, a notepad if you'd like and maybe even a friend!

  • Taylor Wine Class: This particular wine class spans out over the month and consists of three different sessions. We have taken the wine making process and broken it down for you the easiest way possible! Each of the 3 days focuses on a certain stage of the wine making process. We will be taking a few 6-gallon wine kits we sell here at the store and going through each individual step with you in depth. The schedule of what you will be learning by day is as follows:
    • Day one: Sanitation, additives, gravity, pitching, and preparing for fermentation, etc.
    • Day two: Transferring, secondary, oxygenating, clearing, etc. 
    • Day three: Bottling, corking, Labeling, storage, etc.  This is an informational, hands on class in which you're guaranteed to have fun! 
    • When your last session concludes you will be given wine to take home and show off, the wine you helped make! Class starts at 3 pm and ends at 5 pm. Samples and finger foods provided, last day a light dinner is provided!  Bring yourself, a notepad if you'd like and maybe a friend or two or three!
  • Ann Arbor Making Wine from Grapes & Fruit Class
  • We will bringing in our past Taylor employee Tom Frank to teach you guys this awesome and informative class. 
Focus will be on wine making from grapes, but we will also cover fresh fruit, a tiny bit on puree and kits.
We'll cover:
- fruit prep
- using wild or commercial yeast
- masceration (for reds and blushes) and pressing
- reds, blushes and whites and what processes are different
- equipment options
- sanitation
- oxidation prevention
- sweetening wine options
- fining, racking and bottling
- acidity evaluation and adjustment
  • Several wines will be available for sampling during the class, as well as discussions on pairing wines with food.

Additional classes will be added as they are scheduled. If you have any further questions or would like us to consider another date for a large group, please contact us at: