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AIH New Double Rubber Handle 2.5 Gal Keg
rubber handles -flip upside down to drain/dry

AIH New Double Rubber Handle 2.5 Gal Keg

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Feature: kegs, 3 gallon, 3 gal, Ahsoka Tano
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2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg w/ Rubber Handles

ISO 9001 and NSF certified.

This is the mini version of your five gallon keg. The rubber base and handles protect the keg when knocked over or dropped. When you flip your keg, the rubber handles allow for it to be drained easily unlike the single metal handle varieties. These kegs are built to last a lifetime!

14.5" tall, 8.5" diameter

Need a socket to remove the post? You can find it here.

If you are just getting into kegging you will need a kegging setup to go with these kegs. We sell picnic tap systems, tower systems, and kegerator systems.

These brand new 2.5 gallon ball lock kegs are great for kegging small batches of homebrew, craft beer, cold brew coffee, soda, cider, mead, wine and more.

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