1. Air-Matic Pneumatic Capper
Air-Matic Pneumatic Capper
Air-Matic Pneumatic Capper

Air-Matic Pneumatic Capper

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Air-Matic Pneumatic Capper

Too many bottles to cap? Tired of the hassle of hand capping your bottles? The Air-Matic Pneumatic Capper is the solution to your problem!

This bottle capper uses a pneumatic capping process to quickly and efficiently cap a variety of bottle sizes. The Air-Matic can cap between 500-600 bottles per hour. It is compatible with 26mm & 29mm crown caps as well as latic mushroom corks. The two lever control is easy to use and a convenient handle lets for easy transportation of the capper, finished with a sleek, painted steel finish.

Pneumatic Capper Features:
-Caps 500-600 bottles per hour
-Works with 26mm & 29mm crown caps, Latic Mushroom Corks
-Adjustable to fit a varitey of bottle sizes
-Two lever control
-Painted steel finish

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