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Air Still Distiller's Beginner Kit

Air Still Distiller's Beginner Kit

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Air Still Distiller's  Beginner Kit

Includes : 
  • Still Spirits Stainless Steel Turbo Air Still Water Distillation Unit
  • Still Spirits Air Still Companion Pack
  • Air Still Carbon Cartridge Replacement Pack of 10
  • 12" Glass Hydrometer Test Jar
  • Proof and Tralles Distiller Hydrometer
  • Air Still Washers Pack of 10
  • 2 - Fermentation Kit (Still Spirits)
  • 10 Pounds Dextrose
  • 18" Plastic Spoon
The Still Spirits TURBO AIR STILL System uses a revolutionary still which will be right at home amongst your everyday kitchen appliances.  It's air cooled so it uses no water for cooling - great for regions where water shortages are a problem. Distillation takes just two hours and produces enough alcohol to make a 1 liter bottle. This complete beginner kit will get you distilling in no time.

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