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Alla Specific Gravity Testing Kit

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Alla Specific Gravity Testing Kit

An all in one specific gravity testing kit to determine your homebrews ABV! This kit includes a triple scale hydrometer, a plastic hydrometer test cylinder with a removable base, a dual scale stick on thermometer, and test jar saver for accurately testing and reading your brews gravities. Specific Gravity is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of water and is the the only way to ensure that your fermentation has finished and for determining your alcohol by volume. Gravity reading are done before yeast is pitched (O.G. or Original Gravity) and after fermentation is finished (F.G. or Final Gravity). Calculate your ABV by subtracting your F.G. from your O.G. and multiplying the result by 131. 

(O.G. - F.G.) x 131 = ABV

Kit Includes:
- Glass Triple Scale Hydrometer
- Plastic Test Cylinder & Test Jar Saver
- Dual Scale Liquid Crystal Stick-on-Thermometer
- Full Instructions

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