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Amber 22 oz Beer Bottles - 12 Per Case

Amber 22 oz Beer Bottles - 12 Per Case

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Amber 22 oz Beer Bottles - 12 Per Case

They are packed 12 to a case, perfect for bottling you fresh brew  

In the United States, large bottles are 22 U.S. fl oz (650.6 ml)(colloquially called a "bomber"); or the "Double Duece" These bottle accept Crown Caps, sold separately.

The European & Australian standard large bottle is 750-millilitre (25.4 U.S. fl oz; 26.4 imp fl oz) (in South Africa and Canada referred to as a "quart", in Australia known colloquially as a "longneck" or "tallie")

 In Canada, they are known as "Mighty Beers"
5 Stars
Solid bottles
Bottles shipped quickly and were priced well. I am confident that they will be solid enough to ship full when I send them as gifts.
Reviewed by:  on 5/8/2017

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