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Anvil Burner Stand
Anvil Burner Stand

Anvil Burner Stand

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Anvil Burner Stand

The Anvil burner is powerful, quiet, efficient, and fast!  Since it was designed specifically for homebrewing it’s packed with features you’ll love:

-Modular legs enable 7”, 16”, and 24” operational heights.  Attach to a bench, drain directly into a carboy, or make a 2 tier brew system!  24” extensions sold separately. 
-Self-leveling feet provide rock-solid stability.  If you've used lesser burners you know why!
-72,000/Hr output for fast heating.  Boils 5 gal in approximately 20 minutes!
-Large burner surface area distributes heat evenly for efficiency and minimizes hot spots.
-Precision cast aluminum burner will never rust and provides superior flame control
-Patent pending integral heat shield protects your valve and thermometer from heat damage
-Deep burner ring is ideal for brewing in windy conditions
-Ultra-high temperature coating 
-Power control knob and adjustment-free operation makes flame control a breeze
-Supports kettles up to 20 gal!

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