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Anvil Temperature Controller
Anvil Temperature Controller

Anvil Temperature Controller

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Just plug it in and start controlling your temps!
Item Number: 54-500090
Availability: Ships From Manufacturer
Blichmann Engineering
Feature: Plastic
ANVIL Temperature Controller

The ANVIL Temperature Controller is designed specifically for homebrewing. No need to spend time configuring and fiddling with settings. Just plug and play to start controlling your temps! Designed with an integral male plug on the back allowing it to be to plugged into any 120V wall receptacle greatly reducing cable clutter and eliminating the need to drill holes for mounting. Simply plug your refrigerator or pump into the front and you’re ready to go. The 9.5 ft long sensor cable reaches anywhere you need. Built with a robust 15A internal relay for long life and more capacity than the competition.
  • 120V 15A operation.
  • Control temps to +/- 1F.
  • Fahrenheit display.
  • Selectable heat and cool modes (not dual stage).
  • Plugs into any 120V wall receptacle – no mounting holes needed!
  • Reduced cable clutter.
  • Plug can be inverted to match your receptacle.
  • 9.5 ft sensor cable length.

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