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ArT Wine Preserver
ArT Wine Preserver

ArT Wine Preserver

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Argon Wine Preserver
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ArT Wine Preserver

ArT Wine Preservation is an argon wine preserver that allows you to save your open bottle of wine. You can also use this on those hard to get bottles of whiskey you spend hundreds/thousands of dollars on and don't want to drink it all at once because you may never get another bottle. A simple second or two spray will keep your bottle from getting oxidized.

ArT provides a non-toxic argon blanket between the wine and harmful oxygen. Argon is heavier than air, and sinks down to push the oxygen away from the wine - preventing oxidation.This protective ArT layer does not affect the acidity, tannins, or flavors of the wine. Argon (unlike carbon dioxide and oxygen) is a non-reactive heavy gas. It sinks down and rests on top of the wine, like a blanket, sealing in the aromas and flavor as it is stored. Argon is also used by high end wineries when bottling wine.

ArT's formula is harvested from the atmosphere (~1% Argon) and bottled. When pouring your next bottle the argon dissolves back into the atmosphere - completely recycling itself. All components of ArT can be recycled. The Argon is analyzed for purity and certified for food use. Argon is GRAS by the FDA, tested as a safe preservation method. This noble gas is "lazy" and therefore non-reactive and non-toxic.

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