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Back Flush Hose Attachment for Blichmann Therminator

Back Flush Hose Attachment for Blichmann Therminator

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Back Flush Hose Attachment for Blichmann Therminator

This handy attachment for the Blichmann Therminator will allow you to quickly clean your Therminator after use. One end attaches to the wort out side of the Therminator and the other end will attach to a standard garden hose. Back flushing your Therminator followed by through sanitizing will ensure you do not build up any debris in your plate chiller that could possible contribute to off flavors to your beer. This is a must have accessory for any Therminator.
5 Stars
So first off, it works great for its intended purpose. On my BrewEasy system I use this to back flush the Therminator before reconnecting the Therminator back into the system to run PBW through the entire loop. I also use it at the beginnig of my brew day to connect the hose to the valve on my boil kettle to make the initial fill, it's easier and potentially less messy than holding the hose. I highly recommend getting a brass restricted-flow water shut-off. It makes it super easy to slow the flow and cut-off the water as you approach your desired initial volume. Lastly, I use it on the water out side of my Therminator and connect it to the valve on my mash tun to take advantage of the very hot water that comes out of the Therminator at the beginning of the chilling process. Filling the 7.5 gal mash tun gives me all the hot water I need to clean the entire system at the end of the day without having the fire up the burner after I transfer from the boil kettle to my fermentor. Gotta love thermodynamics.
Reviewed by:  on 11/11/2017

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