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Back From The Dead Red Strawberry Blonde Partial Mash Recipe

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Partial Mash Brew in a Bag
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Back From The Dead Red Strawberry Blonde Partial Mash BIAB Recipe Kit

The Belgian yeast will compliment the real fruit flavors from the Strawberry Puree.  This beer will have a slightly toasty finish from the biscuit malt. 

Yield: 5 Gallons
Original Gravity: 1.047
Final Gravity: 1.012
Color / SRM : 6.41
Alcohol by Volume: 4.52%
IBU (anticipated, alpha acids can fluctuate): 20.69

Specialty Grains: Biscuit malt
Hops: 5 HBUs

Recipe Includes: Liquid Malt, Base Malt Grain, Specialty Grains & Hops, Strawberry Puree

The AIH Partial Mash Brew In A Bag Kit is different. 

Our Partial Mash BIAB kits offer a "no-sparge" brewing alternative for those who don't want to deal with fly sparging or batch sparging. Our Partial Mash BIAB kits use a full volume mash in a single step, mash and drain. Time is saved by not doing a sparge. By skipping the sparge, the risk of oversparaging the grains is eliminated.

Unlike Extract brewing, you aren't just steeping your grains, you're mashing them. The mash is a mixture of malted grains and water. Mashing is the process of holding the malted grains in a pre-measured amount of water at 152 degrees Fahrenheit for a certain amount of time to allow enzymes to convert the starches into fermentable sugars. During this time the grains give off their color and flavor (just like steeping did) but they also have enzymes that convert starches into fermentable sugars.

The instructions included in your Partial Mash BIAB Recipe Kits will walk you through the entire process, from start to finish.  

Needed Equipment: 5 Gallon Pot (8 Gallon Pot will work as well), a Brew Bag to fit your pot and your Basic Homebrew Equipment.

This is your next step (if you choose) towards all grain brewing. In fact, the main difference in technique is in how you mash and rinse (sparge) your grains.

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