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Barbera Chilean Wine Juice
Barbera Chilean Wine Juice

Barbera Chilean Wine Juice

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Pre-Order Cut-Off Date April 20th
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Barbera Wine Juice/Must
Vinemount Estates Chilean Juice

Fresh Juice: 6 gallon (23 litre) food grade plastic pail, local pick-up only. Adventures in Homebrewing, Taylor or Ann Arbor

Chilean Juice Varietals

From time to time, a wine region will reveal itself with a level of promise that speaks to every kind of wine drinker. In today's world of wine, that wine region is Chile. 

Barbera grape berries are thin-skinned, making it susceptible to both sunburn and late-season rot. It comes naturally with quite high acidity, more like a white than a red, which often means that the sugar goes through the roof on the vine while you are waiting for the acid to drop.

The variety delivers good color, though not much tannin, and only medium body, and its flavors generally run more toward the savory than the purely fruity. Chile is a long and narrow country located on South America's west coast. Chile is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Andes Mountains on the east, desert in the north, and the cold mountain range of Patagonia in the south. With these geographical barriers protecting the country on all sides, Chile is Mediterranean climate allows for the flourishing of many different grape varieties.

Working with only vineyards producing the most high quality premium grapes, Vinemount Estates sources its juices from the Maipo Valley region located just south of the capital city, Santiago.

The wine juice will come inoculated with pure cultured yeasts, balanced and ready to ferment. The strains have been identified and selected by the winery for a perfect match.

The wine juice will be delivered refrigerated, and will need to be picked up within 24 hours. Final delivery dates will be communicated 7 to 10 days in advance of delivery to allow for planning.

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Pre-Order: Delivery in May
Pre-Order: Delivery in May