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Barolkleen 1 LB

Barolkleen 1 LB

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Barolkleen is used as a treatment for new barrels to remove excess tannin. Contains sodium sesquicarbonate, soda ash & lye.
Mix 1 lb Barokleen with 5 gallons of water, soak in barrel for 3 days.  Drain and flush 3 times with water. Rinse with a solution of 2 oz. metabisulphite, 1 oz. citric acid and 2 gallons water, then finally rinse with plain water.
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I ruined 20 gallons wine by using this product to prepare new oak barrels. I would not suggest that you add it to a dry barrel as the barrel soaks up the chemicals and then later releases the harsh flavors into the wine. I am not sure what all went wrong. If you soak the barrels with clear water first, then add the Barolkleen that may work better. AIH Note: New or dried barrels should be re-hydrated with room temp water before using the Barolkleen solution. The new or dried barrel may leak until enough swelling has taken place from water absorption. Once the barrel stops leaking, proceed with using the Barolkleen solution.
Reviewed by:  on 7/8/2016

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