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Bavarian Wheat Brewery Pouch

Bavarian Wheat Brewery Pouch

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2.2LB Of Dextrose
2.2 lb of Dextrose (1 kg)
Mangrove Jack's Bavarian Wheat Recipe: 6 Gallon Kit

Deliciously smooth, light golden in colour. Full bodied with aromas of vanilla and banana and a lingering clove aftertaste.

ABV Approx. 4.7%

Bitterness: IBU 12-18

Bitterness rating 1/5

Colour Approx: Hazy gold

Comes with: M20 Bavarian Wheat 

NET WEIGHT: 2.2 kg (4.8 lb)

Makes: 23 L

This recipe requires an additional 2.2 pounds of dextrose.

A breakthrough in the traditional beer kit. Each of our Brewery Pouches has two sides. One side has been cold filled with some of Europe's finest brewers' extracts. The other, contains a high quality yeast strain to give you the desired aromas for your chosen beer as well as the instructions on how to brew your beer.  All of these kits are cold filled into a pouch, instead of a can, to retail all the delicate flavours and aromas which are lost using the traditional canning process.

5 Stars
Pretty Good
I have made several of the Mangrove Jack extract kits. This one turned out pretty good. Super easy to make, the taste wasn't overwhelmingly wheat. I would make this again.
Reviewed by:  on 11/3/2017
4 Stars
Easy to make and tastes good
Well I have never had a faster "brew day" than with one of these. I figured since it was cheap I'd give it a try. Everything you need is in the bag including the yeast. Getting the syrup out of the bag was an adventure in and of itself... Get it in some hot water to melt down first so it pours easier. Next time I will add the syrup to a brew kettle with already boiling water to dissolve it. This will make things about 90% easier. After it was cooled I pitched the supplied yeast and started seeing signs of fermentation in about a day and it was off and running. I let it full ferment out and then cold crashed and transferred to a keg. Sampled during the transfer and it was pretty good. FAST EASY AND SIMPLE.
Reviewed by:  on 5/10/2017
4 Stars
Bubblin' well so far
Haven't actually tasted this yet. Just mixed it up and put it into the fermenting bucket a few days ago. But fermentation took off like gangbusters within just a few hours, and it's been bubbling away strongly ever since. Giving it a tentative four stars based on the ease of making it and the promise of a good fermentation. But the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, so I'll try to update this review once I actually actually pour it into a glass.
Reviewed by:  on 3/8/2017
3 Stars
Not nearly as sweet as the MJ golden or IPA. But still a lil sweet. Easy and cheap saved this from 1 star.
Reviewed by:  on 2/5/2017

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