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Beer Line Cleaning 2-GO
Line Cleaning 2-GO includes pump and attachment, faucet wrench and brush and line cleaner

Beer Line Cleaning 2-GO

Item Number:99-0019
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Option #1 Add MFL tailpiece for corny kegs
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Yes add 1/4'' MFL tailpiece assembly [+$7.99]
Option #2 Add Ball Lock Fitting for Adaptor?
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Yes Please (73-4377) [+$11.99]
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Line Cleaning 2-GO
Line Cleaning 2-GO system has a 5 quart hand pump reservoir with a 25" line with a sanke duplex cleaning coupler attached at the line. It also includes a faucet brush, faucet wrench, and 4 oz bottle of line cleaner (mix 1/2 oz per quart of water). Simply disengage the sanke, remove the beer line from the sanke, connect the beer line to the cleaning coupler and pump solution (or clean water) back through your line and out the faucet. The 5 quart solution capacity is good for even large set-ups!
There are 2 additional options you can select from below.

Option #1:

If you want to use this pump on both commercial and corny kegs, you will need to add the 1/4'' MFL tailpiece assembly. As long as you use 1/4'' MFL beer disconnects on your corny kegs, this option will work with this pump.

Option #2

We have a new fitting for ball locks that will allow you to clean your lines with out removing the fittings from the lines. It can't get any easier than that! You will need to add this option for the ball lock fitting. You do not need both options to clean your lines, this option is for convenience of not having to remove your line from the fitting and you will not need option #1 as you will get everything you need with option #2 to clean your lines.

(This fitting will only work with ball lock disconnects)

If pump does not pressurize tank, use a food grade grease on the outside of the plunger o-ring

2 Stars
Not worth it
It worked ok for about a year but it is made of cheap plastic and now the pump has quit working. You're better off buying another keg and using it as a cleaning keg. It will be faster, easier and only a few dollars more after you add in the price of the adapter.
Reviewed by:  on 7/8/2016
4 Stars
Good value!
Just tried it and it works great, the only concern is the pump is just a bit fragile so I have to be careful with it. But for the price I'm happy with it!
Reviewed by:  on 9/11/2015
2 Stars
Disappointing hand pump(handle)
Very cheap bendable plastic for the black hand pump. The hand pump threads in and makes a seal with a blue o-ring. If sealed firmly the hand pump is almost impossible to remove as the plastic bends very easily...after many uses I haven’t found a good median between too tight to remove easily and too loose that it leaks. Honestly, even when threaded loosely the plastic still bends when removing. I worry it will break every use but it hasn't after many...just makes cleaning lines even more of a task. As a side note the canister does not have a pressure release valve, making removing line cleaner from it a danger. Positive stars are just for the adaptor.
Reviewed by:  on 4/1/2015
4 Stars
Keep your lines clean
Great for pumping cleaner through your keezer/kegerator lines and then rinsing. My only concern is the twist lock on the top with the pump. It seems like it might be somewhat fragile. But so far, no issues.
Reviewed by:  on 1/3/2015

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