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Beer Recipe Kits

Adventures in Homebrewing offers a large variety of beer recipe kits including our own original five gallon extract recipes, home brewing kits from Brewer's Best, Brewcraft Rogue recipe kits, flavored extract can kits and extract beer kits from Mr.Beer.

  • Extract Recipe Kits Extract Recipe Kits
    Choose from over 200 AIH original extract beer recipe kits including clone recipe kits and customer favorites.
  • All Grain Recipe Kits All Grain Recipe Kits
    Here is a collection of all-grain kits by Adventures in Homebrewing. These kits are designed for a five gallon batch at 70% efficiency.
  • Brewers Best Recipes Brewers Best Recipes
    Brewers Best recipe kits include: Malt, Hops, Caps, Grains, Dry Yeast, Priming Sugar, and Instructions.
  • Partial Mash Recipe Kits Partial Mash Recipe Kits
    Partial mash brewing is a step up from extract brewing. Choose from several AIH partial mash brew in a bag kits.