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Beer Tower Cooler fan and hose assembly

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Improves performance of static refrigeration units.  Helps eliminate initial warm beer/foam. Once installed, the Beer Tower Cooler will keep your beer shanks and faucets cold.  Will also, help reduce faucet mold and bacterial growth


 Blower & fan motor

 3/4"I.D. tubing

 Ac power supply

With many kegerators, the first glass of beer is often unmanageable foam. This happens because cold air is heavier than warm air and the cold air stays inside the kegerator. Your beer tower is mounted on top of your kegerator causing it to stay at room temperature. This means the top of the beer line, beer faucet & beer shank that are inside your tower stay warm until you pour that foamy first glass. After several glasses, these parts will cool down allowing you to pour perfect glasses of beer. The downside is, after as little as 15 minutes, the tower can warm again.

Installing a blower and hose into the bottom of your kegerator is a quick fix to this issue. We have made this quick fix even easier with the Beer tower cooler kit!!

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