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Beverage Doctor Pen-Style pH Meter

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Beverage Doctor Pen-Style pH Meter

An accurate and ergonomic pH meter! The Beverage Doctor is incredibly accurate with a resolution of .01 pH, 3 point calibration system and an automatic temperature compensation (ATC). The 3 point calibration system is incredibly easy to use and ensures the most accurate readings. To calibrate, simply insert your probe into the closest pH calibration solution to that of your test sample and push the CAL button. Thhe meter will then detect which solution value is being used, and auto calibrates in less than 5 seconds. The pH probe comes with a convenient cap that perfectly seals over the probe, preventing it from drying out and decreasing its lifespan. The probe is also designed to be easily and affordably replaced when you do need to change it. Constructed of high quality components, the Beverage Doctor is also entirely waterproof.

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