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Biofine Clear Dropper
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Biofine Clear Dropper

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Biofine Clear Dropper Bottle

1 Ounce Bottle

(purified colloidal solution of silicic acid (SiO2) in water)

Biofine is a vegan-friendly clarifying agent that is added during secondary fermentation and precipitates sedimentation of yeast and other clouding bits.  A great alternative to isinglass for those who are vegetarian or simply don’t like the idea of adding fish bladder to their beer or wine.  Works in 1-2 days.  Use as little as ¼ TBSP (3 ml) to 2 TBSP (31 ml) per 5 gallon batch.  Start on the lower side and add until you reach your desired level of clarity. 2 year shelf life. We recommend storing this in the fridge

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