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Biscuit Malt 50 lb Bag
Biscuit Malt 50 lb Bag

Biscuit Malt 50 lb Bag

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Biscuit Malt 50 lb Bag

Origin : Belgium


Features: Unique and very special Belgian malt. Lightly kilned, then lightly torrefied up to 160°C. Usage: All special beers and as well for English ales, brown ales and porters. Recommended proportion: up to 15% of the grist. Characteristics: Biscuit malt produces a very pronounced "toasty" finish in the beer. Imparts a warm bread and biscuit like aroma and flavour. Biscuit Malt promotes a light to medium warm brown colour to the mash. This malt is used to improve the roasted flavour and aroma that characterize ales and lagers lending the subtle properties of black and chocolate malts. No enzymes.

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