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Black Chai Spice Kombucha Kit - Cultures for Health
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Black Chai Spice Kombucha Kit - Cultures for Health

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Makes up to 20 bottles!
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Black Chai Spice Kombucha Flavor Kit

Make fantastically flavorful chai kombucha with this flavor kit. The bold tastes of cinnamon, cardamom, orange, cloves, and ginger infuse this black tea brew with a classic chai flavor that's perfectly refreshing. 

Use it for: making up to 20 500ml bottles of strong black tea chai kombucha.

One 2 oz. bag English Breakfast Tea
One 2 oz. bag Chai Spice

How To Make Kombucha

Make kombucha according to the instructions included with your starter culture.
We recommend steeping your tea at the temperature and for the amount of time listed on the label.
  1. Prepare your flavoring as directed on the pouch.
  2. Add your flavoring to the bottle. Fill the bottle to half full with kombucha, and then close the bottle and gently flip it to mix in your flavoring.
  3. Finish filling the bottle with kombucha, leaving 1” head space.
  4. Close the bottle and let your kombucha carbonate at room temperature for 2-7 days. In warm temperatures, burp bottles daily to avoid excess pressure.
  5. Use caution when opening the bottle. The contents are under pressure! Put a towel over the bottle and push down on the cap while opening. Enjoy your kombucha!
*This is a special order item. Please allow 1-2 additional weeks for shipping.

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