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Blichmann 1/2''-20 x 1/2'' NPT Bushing

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1/2"-20 x 1/2" NPT Bushing

This bushing can be used to install a weldless brewmometer into a 1/2" NPT fitting. It can also be used with Blichmann Tower of Power temperature sensors.

To install the thermometer into a female NPT fitting, place the o-ring and washer on the thermometer as indicated by the directions, then thread the adapter bushing onto the thermometer. Apply plumber's tape (H900) to the external NPT threads of the bushing. Tape is not required on the thermometer's threads due to it using the o-ring. Simply thread the thermometer into the bushing with the o-ring and washer in place.

Caution: Once installed, the bushing can not be removed. Avoid overtightening, as it may damage the components.

Learn about sealing National Pipe Thread (NPT) fittings.

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