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Blichmann 240V Power Controller

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Blichmann 240V Power Controller

A great way for extract and BIAB brewers to make the jump into electric brewing! This 240v Power Controller is designed for use with the Blichmann BoilCoil, though it will work with any immersion heaters, and features a unique, modular design that allows precision control of the power of your electric heating element from 0-100% power. The linear control makes controlling the perfect boil intensity and heating rate much easier than cheaper "dimmer switch" based controllers with non-linear controls. The Blichmann Power Controller utilizes Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control the percentage of time that the heater is engaged and energized over a 1 second interval, so turning the controller to 5 heats the element for 0.5 seconds, and then turns off for the rest of the interval. This technique is gentler on your heating element and is much quieter, without creating an electrical noise as other controllers can. This impressive Power Controller is made for a single immersion heating element, but you can easily attach up to 4 additional Relay Modules to control up to 5 separate elements for larger capacity kettles or multiple kettles.

Features of the Blichmann Power Controller:
- 30 Amp 240V (7200W) Single Phase
- Precision linear control: Fast acting power knob from 0-100%
- Industrial grade Pulse Width Modulation control
- Unique enclosure to route cables out either the rear of the unit or bottom of the unit
- Integrated DIN rail groove for easy mounting to wall or work table (Check the Options Above to Add!)
- L6-30 30A 240V Power Cable (Check the Options Above to Add on a 240V Extension Cord or Adapter Plugs!)

For more information, check out the Blichmann Power Controller Manual!

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