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Blichmann 27 Gal Conical Fermenter with Tri- Clamp Fittings

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The Fermenator is a beautifully designed product for the discriminating brewer. Its features provide commercial brewery functionality at a consumer good price. It’s easy to use and loaded with standard features. The standard 7 gal., 14.5 gal., and 27 gal. sizes are perfect for 5, 10 and 20 gal. batches.

Blichmann Engineering is committed to continuous product improvement, so design details may change from the photo's shown.

Why Buy Conical Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is extremely durable and the easiest material to sanitize. It is impervious to heat (well, up to 2000 F anyway), won't shatter like glass, and won't scratch, discolor and harbor bacteria like plastic.

The conical "uni-tank" offers many advantages to carboys:

Dumping cold break & trub takes a couple minutes
Collecting wort samples is quick and completely sanitary
Can easily harvest yeast
Pressurizeable for CO2 pumping
Impervious to UV light that causes "skunking" in beer.
Large open top makes scouring and sanitizing the interior a snap
The rotating racking arm allows siphoning completely sediment free beer
Optional Blow Off kit sold seperatly

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