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Blichmann Beer Gun Accessory Kit #1
(shown with ball lock disconnect)

Blichmann Beer Gun Accessory Kit #1

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Blichmann Beer Gun Accessory Kit #1

  • 5 foot length of (3/16" ID) hose for your CO2 line with 1/4" stainless flare connectors on each end
  • Liquid ball or pin lock disconnect - your choice
  • A brass 1/4" NPT X 1/4" MFL flare adapter for connecting to the CO2 valve on the BeerGun
  • Brass-Plated Chrome 1/4" hose barb swivel disconnect with hose clamp (for the 10 foot beer hose that comes with the Blichmann BeerGun)

In addition to the above you may also need another accessory kit (Accessory Kit #2) depending on how you are already set up for kegging.

There seems to be a lot of confusion with this kit as to what you need to make this operate properly. So we have added some pictures of how it looks all put together.

This will also give you a visual of what you may need to make your beer gun complete. So please check out our gallery of pictures and decide what you need to complete your beer gun.

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