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Blichmann Brewmometer Thermometer (F)
Dial shows temperatures and more!

Blichmann Brewmometer Thermometer (F)

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The BrewMometer will fit in most commercially available brew pots having a 1/2" NPT female pipe coupling welded into the sidewall.

As with all bimetal thermometers, do not install the thermometer in a location on the pot where it will be subjected to excessive heat from high BTU propane burners. Always keep the flame low enough that it does not roll over the corners of the pot. Doing so will damage the seals in the hermetically sealed case causing the inside to fog. This failure is not covered under warranty. If you cannot comfortably hold your hand on the case of the thermometer during operation is too hot about 140F max). A minimum distance of 6 from the bottom of the pot is recommended, but does not guarantee it will be below 140F. If the surface is still too hot, installing a heat shield (not provided)under the thermometer is recommended. Lastly, avoid direct spray of water on the thermometer and do not immerse it in water for cooling of cleaning.

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