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Blichmann Wine Easy 55 Gallon Fermentor
Base Fermenting Vat

Blichmann Wine Easy 55 Gallon Fermentor

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Blichmann 55 Gallon Wine Easy Fermentor

The Wine Easy is truly a revolutionary new process to ferment and
press wine in the same vessel, Since the wine is pressed in the same vessel it is fermented in.
Purchase a piston assembly to match your fermentor size. If you have multiple fermentors of
ONE size you only need ONE piston.
In choosing the right size these fermentors are designed to be filled about 75% full of must (to allow for cap rise), and typical press efficiencies will be about 60-70%
When purchasing the vacuum press kit, you will only need ONE vacuum press kit for your winery no matter what quantity or size fermentors you have. The vacuum press kit can also be used to degass your wine!
The fermentor is sold seperatly from the pressing piston, Vacuum press kit, leg extension are not available for 55 gallon fermentor.
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