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Bottle And Carboy Washer

Bottle And Carboy Washer

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Bottle and Carboy Washer

Comes with 4 feet of flexible tubing and brass tube with a spray tip. Garden Hose Fitting connects easily to a utility sink. You can use a faucet adapter to attach to a standard sink.
3 Stars
Hit and miss
The tubing is more or less the same as a fish tanks airline tubing, a little thicker. Pros: this can have some serious clean power and sprays in a star-like pattern, with one stream also aiming directly out of the bottom of the wand. You will get water EVERYWHERE when cleaning with this, fair warning. I did it in my shower in a big plastic tub to help minimize it. Con: This needs some sort of on/off valve on the actual wand and an additional tighten on the part that attaches the sink. Otherwise the water pressure will cause the tubing to fly off the sink-attachment. I got creative and used a ball valve from home depot to make a switch though it's not ideal. Overall I'd recommend it to clean bottles but it just needs a few extra tweaks to make it perfect.
Reviewed by:  on 8/4/2015
4 Stars
Handy, but won't clean everything
I was hoping this would blast the dried krausen out of my better bottle, but it doesn't. It works fine on the wet parts of carboy though.
Reviewed by:  on 7/12/2015

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