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Bottle Seal Wax Beads - Holiday Red
Holiday Red bottle seal wax beads

Bottle Seal Wax Beads - Holiday Red

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1 pound bag of colored wax beads for sealing your wine or beer bottles.
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Holiday Red Bottle Seal Wax Beads

Bottle Seal Wax Beads (1 lb. bag) help you achieve a tough, moisture-resistant coating that preserves freshness, flavor and fragrance in your wines or beers, with these blends of FDA approved waxes with FD&C approved colors. We recommend melting the beads in soup cans; no mess to clean up off of pots and any unused portion may be left in the can for remelting at a later time. You can dip the bottle in the wax for a more rustic look or use a small measuring cup or spoon if you want the wax in a specific location. A one pound bag of beads is good for approximately 65 bottles.

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