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Brew Your Own British Real Ale (Wheeler)

Brew Your Own British Real Ale (Wheeler)

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Brew Your Own British Real Ale (Wheeler)

A classic among home brewers, this new edition is rewritten, enhanced, and updated with new recipes for contemporary and award-winning beers as well as recipes for old favorites no longer brewed commercially.

Written by a home-brewing authority, this guide includes detailed instructions for both novice and more advanced home-brewers, as well as comprehensive recipes for recreating some of Britain’s best-loved beers at home. Recipes are grouped by beer style, allowing home brewers to recreate popular and classic milds, pale ales, bitters, stouts, porters, old ales, and barley wines. Full instructions are included for both malt extract and full-grain brewing while a full-color section on brewing methods and equipment helps readers to choose the right brewing method for them and the right equipment to brew successfully.

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