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BrewRO Water Filtration System and TDS Monitor - City Water

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BrewRO Water Filtration System and TDS Monitor - City Water

The BrewRO Water Filtration System is a multistage filtration system that will provide safe & purified water that is perfect for brewing. This system strips 99.9998% or less than 2 ppm total dissolved solids. This clean slate allow you to build your water profile to perfectly suit your recipe. Designed for use with city water, this system includes 2 carbon filters, a deionization filter and a reverse osmosis membrane. The BrewRO System can filter approximately 4 gallons per hour and uses standard hose attachments. The Dual TDS Inline Monitor is a versatile monitor measures the total dissolved solids of the water both going in and going out of your BrewRO Filtration System. It allows you to easily check how your BrewRO is performing, how bad the water going into your system is, and it can even help you check when you need to change out your filters. The monitor is easily controlled by a simple switch, allowing you to alternate between the two measuring probes to monitor the water going into the system and your purified water. Brewing water makes up the largest component of your batch of beer and is so often overlooked by homebrewers. This is a great way to start, or perfect, your water chemistry to help brew better beers.

BrewRO Water Filtration System Features:
- Dual TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Inline Monitor 
- Reverse Osmosis Membrane: replace every 3 years
- 2 x Carbon Filters: replace every 6-12 months
- Deionization Filter: replace every 6 months
- Hose Adapter
- 3 System Plugs
- 10' of Red, Blue, and White Tubing
- Graphite Case

*Filter life expectancy can vary depending on storage, usage, and water quality

**Please Note: This item is drop shipped directly from the vendor. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. 

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