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Brewers Best Limited Release Gin Barrel Saison

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Farmhouse Ale with Piney Wood Character
Item Number: 24-1032
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Brewers Best Limited Release Gin Barrel Saison

Only Available for a Limited Time! 

Light bodied and effervescent, this farmhouse ale warm malty character is perfectly balanced by the piney wood flavor of the Brewer's Best Gin Barrel Chips. The included Belgian ale yeast adds subtle notes of spice and pepper, rounding out the background of the beer with a delicate bouquet.

IBUs: 23 - 27
ABV: 4.3% - 5.2% 
OG: 1.047 - 1.051
FG: 1.012 - 1.018
Color: Deep Gold
Difficulty: Easy

Upgrade to White Labs or Wyeast Liquid Yeast

Brewer's Best Kits contain all the ingredients for your beer, plus priming sugar, yeast, and caps

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