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Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil All Grain Brewing System

Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil All Grain Brewing System

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Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil All Grain Brewing System

A simple and affordable way to start all grain brewing today!

The Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil is a single vessel, electric brewing system that lets you mash up 16 lbs. of malt and boil up to 7.5 gallons with hardly any footprint. An internal sparging basket allows you to easily lift the grain out of your boiler, letting you mash and boil in just one vessel. The adjustable digital thermostat can display reading in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, and features an adjustable run timer, preset at 3.5 hours for safety. Not only does the Mash & Boil make brewing simple, it helps save you time as well. The delayed start timer lets you set your Mash & Boil to turn on and begin heating your sparge water up to 24 hours after setting the timer. No more watching water boil, simply come home to water ready to brew with!

The Mash & Boil is powered by 110 volts (1600 watts), easily plugging into any GFO home outlet and avoiding the need for any bulky brew stands, outdoor burners, or 220 volts plugs. 

Mash & Boil Features:
-Double Wall Stainless Steel Construction
-Digital Thermostat
-Internal Sparging Basket
-External 1/2" Stainless Steel Valve
-Mash up to 16 lbs. of malt
-7.5 gallon maximum capacity
-110 V / 1600 W
-5' power cable
-Dimensions: 14" W x 28" H (40" H with Sparging Basket)

*Please Note: This item is drop shipped from the vendor. Please allow extra time for delivery.
5 Stars
Great product
Works as advertised, quality built. AIH shipped is less than one week. AWESOME!!
Reviewed by:  on 5/19/2018
5 Stars
Works for me
Purchased during 20% off sale with $5 Great Lakes shipping. A great deal. I had always done BIAB indoors via stovetop. Not ideal, but OK. St Patrick's day, I Brewed a Pale-Pearl malt/Azacca hop ale with crush by my Cereal Killer mill's lowest setting possible. Unit sat on the counter top next to my sink using GFCI outlet. 7 gallons for 10 lbs malt mash-in set at 154F. Grain bag lined the grain tube. Stirred a few times to break-up dough-balls. ~6+ gallons mash water obtained after lifting tube to drain. Boiled down to ~5.25 set at 214F. Drained to fermenter on US05 yeast cake. Efficiency was 86%. This unit made the brewing process fun. Clean-up was easy. This unit works for me. I recommend it to anyone considering going this route.
Reviewed by:  on 3/18/2018
4 Stars
Great Product
Used it for the first time the other day and it worked well. My efficiency was 77%. Brew day is much easier now as this eliminates extra equipment. The only weakness I found is that the legs to the sparging basket bent a bit. My mash was extra thick and it needed some forceful stirring and that probably caused the bent legs. I was able to bend them back. The legs should probably be built sturdier. I recommend this product.
Reviewed by:  on 1/31/2018
5 Stars
I Love my new system
I got a Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil All Grain Brewing System for Christmas (ok a couple weeks early). I have never done all grain brewing only extract brewing to this point. Yes it takes longer but the end product is so much better. The only thing I can compare it to is maybe drinking budwiper to an imported German pilsner. My extract brewing was good (IMHO) my first all grain batch (yes very young) was awesome. I made the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone All Grain Recipe. With this system, it was easy. I will never go back to extract brewing (unless the upcoming zombie apocalypse does not let me have a full brew day) unless I have too. I am glad I went for the Brewer's Edge. The wife said I could get the New Zealand one but for $600 more but all you get is a pump (which has issues with clogging) and a counter-flow chiller (which would be nice, but not needed) this is a much better value. Now, I do not worry that I might run out of propane as my wort is boiling. I do not freeze my butt off in the winter (cuz I am in the house). Plus now I can afford more kits from Adventures in Homebrewing! I can dial in the temp that is needed and away I go. Yes, I am still a newb but I love this rig. The Mash & Boil All Grain Brewing System is perfect for starting into all grain brewing. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to start all grain brewing. On a side note, I had a very small issue with my unit. The crew here at Adventures in Homebrewing made everything right, no questions asked. These guys (and gals) are awesome! I am so glad I found this company. Much better than the folks up out midwestern or up northern. Customer service is truly second to none! p.s. If this review was not too coherent it is because I had a few too many pale ales lol. It was money very well spent!
Reviewed by:  on 1/22/2018
5 Stars
Best money spent on brew equip
I have now brewed two beers in this system, first was a partial grain extract kit, second was an garin French Saison with 11 lbs of grain. Both sessions went so smooth and easy. This is the best money I have spent on brewing equipment.
Reviewed by:  on 11/11/2017
5 Stars
Love this system
Bought online. Quality system. Temp ranges 148 t0 156 during mash but mash stays near 152 +/-2. Nice controller. No more standing outside in cold NE winters with propane. Will hold 15# of grain. I got 72% on first test 9# grain. I suspect with new .33/# I could get 75% eff or higher. Brew took 3.5hr start to finish in my kitchen. I could do other things while brewing not having to watch constantly. Note when inside leave cover slightly off by 1/2 inch on one side or you will boil over. I use EU cool. Just seal primary and wait till it hits 70 F to pitch yeast. Easy clean up.
Reviewed by:  on 11/6/2017

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