1. Brewie Automated Beer Brewing System
Brewie Automated Beer Brewing System
Brewie Automated Beer Brewing System

Brewie Automated Beer Brewing System

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Brewie Automated Beer Brewing System

This awesome brewing system can produce up to 5 gallons of home crafted wort without any supervision. It even comes with an integrated cleaning cycle, making clean up a breeze after transferring your wort into a sanitized fermenter. The fully programmable Brewie produces 5 gallons of chilled wort, ready to be pitched, with an incredible 17.5 lb. grain capacity (with a water-to-grist ratio of 1.2 quarts per pound). The Brewie is capable of crafting anything from light, refreshing wheat beers to big, bold high ABV IPAs. This allows YOU to determine what your brew, not your system, letting you be creative and create your own unique, tasty recipes!

Brewie Features:
- Stainless Steel Boiling, Mashing, & Hopping Tanks
- Digital Touch Screen Display for Controls OR Monitor & Control the Progress from your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop
- 4 Individual Hop Tanks - Allows for Separate Boil Additions, Each with Programmable Times
- Custome Made Pumps (from the Supplier of Tesla!)
- Built in Wort Chiller (Connection to a Water Source is Required)
- Built In Weight Sensors - Ensures Correct Amount of Water is Added for Every Brew
- Automatic or Manual Sparge Tubing
- 3 Self-Cleaning Programs - Quick Clean, Full Clean, & Sanitize

- Max Capacity: 7 Gallons
- Brewing Capacity: 2.64 - 5.28 Gallons
- Weight: 64 lbs.
- Power: 1800W - will run on standard 120V, 20 amp house circuit
- Dimensions: 29" x 13.3" x 18.4"

For even more info about the Brewie, Check out the BREWIE MANUAL HERE!

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