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Briess Better Brewing Red Ale 5 Gallon Kit

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Better Brewing Red Ale 5 Gallon Kit 

An easy-to-use homebrewing kit for brewers of every experience level, this kit includes all the ingredients you'll need to brew 5 gallons of amazing Red Ale. This brew utilizes a specialty grain called Carapils Copper 30L Malt to give it its distinctive red coloring. This beer has a moderate caramel and malty sweetness but it ends smooth and refreshing with a clean finish.

This brewing kit includes 3 lbs. of pale ale DME, 2 lbs. of Sparkling Amber DME, pre-milled pound of Carapils Copper 30L Malts, Fuggle hops, grain steeping bag, Fermentis Safale S-04 dry yeast, and a 5 oz. priming sugar for bottling day.

ABV : 4.6%
IBU : 27
SRM : 12
OG : 1.045

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