1. Buffalo Forklift Review

Buffalo Forklift Review

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Where to start?? Purchased a 2005 Bendi B40 with about 1000 hours on it. This forklift should look and act new given the "Buffalo Forklift 130 Point Inspection" It stopped running after less than an hour of use!

After 2 weeks of waiting for them to come up with a solution to fix the unit, we went ahead and fixed it ourselves. Upon removing the cover and seeing the oil, hydraulic leaks, and mess the unit was in, we knew that they never did an inspection and simply tried to cover up what a mess the unit was. 
With what we discovered, we sent the Bendi back and asked for a refund
The refund was refused and we were not given any other options.
After several phone calls (no less than 20) they agreed to allow us to order a New forklift because we did not trust them on anything used.

The agreement was to refund the money form the first purchase and we would finance the second given it was a new unit and we would get low-interest rates.

It has now been three weeks and we still have not received a refund nor have we received our second unit. Todd, Adam, Arcangelo have not returned calls and avoid answering the phone altogether. Today I spoke with a Larry - I will post back how he handles this situation.

Currently, we are out 30K- Financed for an additional 30K and have no equipment. I am posting this review to help others avoid this from happening to them.

Look for the reviews- they sell large equipment- they should not have the number of horror stories as they do- They clearly lack integrity. Again, do not take my word for it, look at the other reviews. Look for reviews that state they made the situation right. 

Buffalo Fork Lift Review