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Carafa 3 Special Dehusked 55 lb Bag

Carafa 3 Special Dehusked 55 lb Bag

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Carafa 3 Special Dehusked 55 lb Bag

Origin : German

German-grown two-row spring barley.   Carafa 3 Special Dehusked is the de-husked version of Carafa.  Using our unique process, we remove the husks from carefully selected grains before malting and roasting them. Reduces astringency and bitterness, while adding coffee-brown color, a coffee-like bouquet, dark- beer aroma, as well as body and mouthfeel to finished beer?but without introducing harsh flavors. Even small amounts of Carafa 3 Special Dehusked malts in the grain bill produce dark beers of unusual smoothness and mildness with a firm, creamy, white head. Recommended Quantities: Up to 5% of total grain bill Suitability (beer styles): Lagers: Dunkel, Doppelbock Ales: Dark, Stout, Altbier

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