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Chitosan 32 oz
Chitosan 32 oz

Chitosan 32 oz

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Chitosan 32 oz
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Chitosan 32 oz

Chitosan is technically a kind of sugar, related to a natural shell-like substance called chitin. Use after fermentation is complete.  When added it combines with any small particles floating in the wine, and when it attaches to them, they drop out of the liquid, leaving the wine clear and brilliant.

Allow 12-48 hours to clear.

For best results, use with Kieselsol.

  • Stir approximately 20-25 fl. oz per 100 US gallons beer or wine or 75 ml per 5 to 6 gallons.
  • Allow 12 - 48 hours to clear
  • Water
  • Chitosan (shellfish derivative)
  • Malic Acid
Temperature Sensitive - Do Not Freeze

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