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Chronical FTSs 7 gal - Fermentation Temperature Stabilization System
Chronical sold separately

Chronical FTSs 7 gal - Fermentation Temperature Stabilization System

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Struggling getting fermentation temperatures just right? Is you fermentation space too cold in the winter or too warm in the Summer? The FTSs tempterture control package is the solution for you. With the FTSs temperature control package and either a Brew Bucket or Chronical, you can maintain perfect fermenting temps all year. This particular unit is designed to work specifically with the 7 gallon Chronical Fermenter.

The system is elegant and engineered to be as compact and affordable as possible. The FTSs uses a precision digital temperature controller in combination with a 304 stainless steel immersion chiller. The digital controller constantly monitors your beer’s temperature and will activate the very quiet circulation pump to hold the fermentation temperature at your predetermined set point. You can cold crash or lager too! You supply the chill water source, which can be as simple as ice water in a cooler or as involved as glycol from a chiller’s reservoir. We supply the rest of the system. As long time fellow home brewers, this is a system we know many of you have been dreaming about for a long time: advanced temperature control for the beers you make at an affordable price.


Custom lid w/ 304 SS immersion chiller coil

Pro grade (super quiet) submersible pump

110-240 v power supply

304 SS weldless lid mounted thermowell

Tailored neoprene insulation jacket

Digital temperature controller

Included vinyl tubing

Required from you:

Any type of cooler where you will add water and ice, or frozen jugs, to cool. You will submerse the included pump in the water.

To heat you can use a simple aquarium heater to raise the temperature of the water in the cooler

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