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Chugger Pump Plastic Head-Inline

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Your Price: $104.99
115 V 50/60 HZ
Item Number: 102-1001
Availability: In Stock
Feature: pumps
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Plastic Head Chugger Pump

Inlet 1/2" MPT Outlet 1/2"MPT
POLYSULFONE (Front Housing), 316 Stainless Steel (Rear Housing), Teflon (Thrust Washer), CLEAR Silicone (O-Ring), POLYSULFONE (Impeller)

Max Flow 7 GPM 22.7 LPM 
Max Head 18.6 FT 4.1 M 
Power .04 HP .029 KW 
Electrical 115V 50/60HZ 
60HZ 50HZ 

Can handle liquids of 250F 
Materials are FDA Food Compliant
Components are UL Recognized

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