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Colt Bench Capper

Colt Bench Capper

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Colt Bench Capper

Featuring stronger construction than "beginner" bench cappers, this Italian made brew tool has a new trigger adjustment, heavy duty machined (not crimped) zinc crimping cup, and a weld-reinforced shaft.

The new trigger adjustment is quick and easy:

To adjust reach inside the capping head and squeeze the red trigger back towards the outside of the capper to release the capping head so it slides on the shaft. The trigger enables a steel pin that safely anchors the capping head on the shaft. Release the trigger when the capping head is in the desired position on the shaft and the steel pin locks it in place. Unlike less expensive bench cappers, the shaft is weld reinforced at the base with steel plates for durability.

This is the original Italian-made Colt Capper, not the Chinese made 'trigger' cappers without the weld-reinforced base.

At 20" in height, this steel and plastic capper will cap bottles ranging from 4" to 12" tall, including American champagne bottles.

Caveat Emptor: This capper fits 26mm American bottle caps only. This capper will not fit larger 29 and 31mm European caps and the optional crimping cups for the other bench cappers do not fit this model.
5 Stars
Should have bought this years ago
I've been using a red manual bottle capper and a black one for over 2.5 years. I did some research and the colt Bench Capper had some amazing reviews so I decided to pull the trigger after capping about 300 bottles one weekend from multiple batches. OMG! Why didn't I do this sooner! This thing is amazing and one pull of the handle and done. I would recommend a few things: First mount it to a stationary area or if you are like me and bottle in your kitchen, mount it on a heavy slab of wood to keep it from sliding around. Second hold the bottle in one hand and pull on the arm with the other hand for better control. I also recommend using a sharpie to mark your standard bottle heights but that is just a time saver for me as I can eye things pretty well now after doing about 450 bottles on this beast. It is quick, efficient, and simply works. I am slowing working towards kegging but I will keep using this even after kegging as you never know when you want to do a small batch or bottle so you can share with locals that don't frequent your home. Awesome capper.
Reviewed by:  on 8/13/2017
5 Stars
Works Great!
This capper works great, it makes a nice seal on the caps and is easy to use. I mounted it on a board to make it more stable and to get better leverage on the handle. It's sturdy, well built, and saves a lot of time during bottling.
Reviewed by:  on 9/10/2016
5 Stars
Ferrari of cappers
This thing is a BEAST! It's so well made and is very smooth in operation. I have used several others in the past and this is well worth the extra $10 over the Agata. I love this thing!!!
Reviewed by:  on 3/12/2016

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